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The Inclusivity Institute's research is aimed at analyzing policies and programs aimed at fostering housing choice and reducing intense racial and economic segregation in American cities. More specifically, this research measures the impacts of federal, state, and local policies on housing affordability and segregation. We do this by generating reports that outline gaps in housing and economic opportunity, that Institute programs are designed to address, and spearheading the analysis of both internal and partnership initiatives. After analysis is completed, we aim to provide communication outcomes and their implications clearly in order to advance evidence-based solutions in line with the Institute’s goals.

Internal Research

Internal analyses of our projects serve as a mechanism for delineating the costs, benefits, and constraints of our portfolio, producing guidelines about how our pilot programs can be replicated and expanded upon.

Partner-Based Projects

With the ability and capacity to merge quantitative techniques with local partnership, the Inclusivity Institute engages in project-based relationships to fill critical gaps and advance innovative initiatives.