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Our Work

The Inclusivity Institute is dedicated to developing new partnerships and program models to combat persistent racial residential and economic inequalities in ways that can bring about positive systemic change nationwide.

The Inclusivity Institute’s Residential Equity and Economic Empowerment initiatives are designed to add to the impactful work that community partners and non-profits are already carrying out. We receive input from community organizations in developing our models rather than duplicating existing services

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Programs & Projects

The Inclusivity Institute is engaged creating meaningful pilot programs and working with partners to scale up innovative models that tackle the systemic issues of housing affordability and racial as well as class segregation.

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Non-profit organizations like the Inclusivity Institute try to effect positive change directly, by creating innovative programs and developing constructive partnerships with other groups.

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Racial, housing, and economic disparities impact the equity of our nation in a variety of manners. At the Inclusivity Institute, we strive to demonstrate the impact that inclusive communities have on the health and wellbeing of people of all backgrounds

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