Shay Brandon Foth
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Shay Brandon Foth

Residential Mobility and Resources Manager

Shay is the newest member of the Inclusivity Institute team!

Shay graduated with a Masters in Nonprofit Management from the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs at IUPUI in 2021. In her previous position, Shay worked with seniors and people with disabilities to help connect them to necessary resources and support programs. During the time that she was working this population, she noticed that housing had become one of the most requested resources during the COVID-19 pandemic. She would work with clients in order to help locate affordable housing and/or financial housing assistance within their area. The trend that housing was become an increasing high need for already vulnerable populations piqued her interest in understanding the barriers to affordable housing and how she could engage in programs that work to fix this.

As the Residential Mobility and Resources Manager, Shay oversees the daily operations of the Family Assistance Program. These day to day tasks include:

  • conducting intakes for tenants facing eviction
  • tracking stability post assistance
  • identifying trends in to innovate new programs aimed at reducing residential displacement
  • provide outreach and identify community resources for all residential mobility programming usage

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