Shay Brandon Foth
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Shay Brandon Foth

Residential Equity Operations Officer

Shay joined the Inclusivity Institute in March 2022, after receiving her Masters in Nonprofit Management. In her previous position, Shay worked with older adults and individuals with disabilities to identify barriers to stability and assist them in gaining access to necessary resources and support programs. That direct engagement provided insight into the crises that many individuals face regarding housing instability, especially marginalized populations. She was eager to transition into work that more heavily focused on innovating solutions and reducing barriers for individuals facing housing insecurity.

As Residential Equity Operations Officer, Shay oversees the daily operations of the Family Assistance Program. She works directly with our Residential Intake Coordinators and partner properties to ensure the program, its processes, and outcomes are streamlined. She also coordinates with the Deputy Director on opportunities to further explore new models of assistance based on trends identified during intake calls.  

In 2022, Shay created SPARK, a resource referral program to assist individuals with challenges affecting their stability. She is working to build out a comprehensive database and works directly with these households to ensure they are connected to the correct agency in their specific area to further promote residential stability.

Shay grew up south of Indianapolis. She now resides in the Greenbriar area of Indianapolis with her husband, dog, and one child.

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