Tristen Greene
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Tristen Greene

Director of Economic Empowerment

Tristen joined the Inclusivity Institute in September 2020. Before arriving at the Institute, she worked on empowering youth through financial literacy. ​Throughout her career, Tristen has gained the ability to collaborate with people from all types of backgrounds, but her true passion is economic empowerment.

As the Director of Economic Empowerment, Tristen works with the Executive Director to develop new innovative programs and partnerships to increase equitable lending and homeownership opportunities. She also works to address lending disparities, foster homeownership retention, and lead advocacy and engagement related to more accountable regional planning to combat impediments to fair housing. ​

Most recently, Tristen led landlord outreach and key findings in the Source of Income Protection research the Institute conducted in partnership with HOME of Virginia. She also recently conducted and comprehensive scan of fair housing plans across the country's 100 largest metro areas for future use in convenings to explore improvements in regional desegregation and fair housing planning.

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