Vanessa Bozzo
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Vanessa Bozzo

Residential Mobility Manager

Vanessa joined the Institute in January 2021. With a background in direct services, Vanessa previously worked with children and families in low-income areas who were in need of mental health supports. In that line of work, Vanessa was able to see firsthand the harm and trauma that housing instability has on families, especially those with children.  

As Residential Mobility Manager, Vanessa oversees all of our Limited Voucher Programs. This model of assistance provides tenants with targeted, short-term rental vouchers to allow the household time to navigate necessary steps towards long-term stability. Vanessa works with the Deputy Director to create local partnerships and expand the footprint of our voucher programs, as well as further build out potential landlord collaboration.  

Additionally, Vanessa works closely with our banking partner to refer, track, and report on loan performance within the FamAP program.

Vanessa grew up in Maplewood, New Jersey. She now resides in Castleton with her partner and Boston Terrier.

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