Vanessa Bozzo
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Vanessa Bozzo

Residential Mobility and Communications Manager

Vanessa's academic background focused on family development, and she has an extensive background in working/volunteering with non-profit organizations. Before coming to the Inclusivity Institute, she worked on providing person centered mental health services to children and families in low-income areas which lead to her interest in helping others combat the trauma of housing instability. ​

As a Residential Mobility and Communications Manager, she works to prevent housing instability related to evictions. She also coordinates CRA-related programming to meet the needs of residents of St. Croix. Working under the leadership of the Director of Residential Mobility, her duties include:

  • Collaboration on FamAP intakes ​
  • Building out the LVP model
  • Continued project building for other areas of residential stability/mobility with current and future partners​
  • Forming partnerships in St. Croix, building out assistance options, and deploying programs ​for the territory
  • Coordinating social media platforms and coordinate with staff to plan and schedule content for regular website updates, and diverse social media posts

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