Assessments of Fair Housing (AFFH)

More equitable, accountable Fair Housing planning

The Inclusivity Institute hopes to convene stakeholders, generate new ideas, and produce recommendations that bring about greater accountability in the Analysis of Impediments process.

AI/AFFH Goals, Convening & Advocacy​

The AI process is specifically intended to analyze impediments to fair housing in various metropolitan areas. The problem with this process is that often the agencies responsible will contract out critical parts of the analysis to out-of-state companies with little to no deeper understanding of local dynamics. While using this companies often ensures CDBG funding will be granted to the applicants, there is not evidence the changes suggested have been implemented. There is even less evidence that they have been effective. Additionally, because how federal funds are dispersed, there has not been financial incentives to encourage more regional planning and collaboration.​

We aim to partner with cities, regions, academic leaders, and advocates to :

  • Construct more effective regional AI models  ​
  • Advocate for HUD to update guidance, provide new assistance to support those​
  • Help develop evaluation criteria for the outcomes of AI’s