Limited Voucher Programs (Transitional Supports)

Programs that aim to provide individuals a pathway to stability, through short-term rental vouchers, during a transitional period in life. Those who qualify for LVP typically do not fit within the traditional assistance offered through the Family Assistance Program.


The Limited Voucher Program (LVP) is an expansion of the Family Assistance Program (FamAP). LVP exists to provide short-term monthly rental vouchers (typically 3 – 6 months).​

LVP was created when tenants were identified during the FamAP intake process as having more significant challenges that could not be stabilized through our traditional assistance.

Through limited 3–6-month vouchers, we work directly with the tenant to create a bridge in overcoming specific, temporary challenges. This model relies on the tenant making actionable goals to overcome barriers affecting their housing stability and working directly with our team in navigating a pathway forward. Through monthly calls, we assist the tenant in locating community resources, encouraging self-advocacy, and assessing barriers to reaching goals throughout the voucher duration.

Interested in information about this program? Reach out to Vanessa Bozzo on our Residential Mobility team!


The Limited Voucher Program - Mobility was created to provide a voucher for tenants to transition to partner properties in high opportunity areas and connect them to resources for success in a growing community. While HUD operates a federal housing choice voucher program, waitlists for qualified tenants can take years. We have sought out housing partners with an intent to offer mobility options to tenants seeking to move to an area of opportunity.  ​

The model provides qualified tenants a 12-month rental voucher with a primary focus on households with children, and work to reduce barriers that would otherwise prevent their move.

While our initial conversations were around mobility in our partner property in Noblesville, conversation with potential external partners are widening the range of options. ​Current conversations include new partnerships with Coburn Place, CHIP, and the Hamilton County Community Foundation to develop client referral pipelines and additional funding support to serve clients.

We look to use these programs as an intervention, providing the necessary support early on so that families can achieve long term stability. ​

Interested in information about this program? Reach out to Jenny Good on our Residential Mobility team!